Two Roads Farm LLC

Two Roads Farm LLC

This 400 acre farm was certified organic by the prior landowners and purchased in 2009. There were few buyers in central Illinois that had an interest in keeping it organic. Working Farms Capital was contacted to arrange for a new ownership model and business plan that would help prove that organic farming techniques were just as profitable as convention methods. Working Farms Capital secured local funding capital and brought in a third generation local farmer after successfully securing the property. The project plan included organic training for the farming tenant–focused on a “soilbuilding” four year crop rotation to naturally boost fertility–and capital improvements on the farm to enhance yield. Working Farms Capital also developed an innovative 5 year lease that provided the local farmer long term land security.

This investment was successfully exited by a combination of partial sales to the farming tenant and by way of merger with Iroquois Valley Farms, a socially responsible food and farmland company. Investors were offered the opportunity to liquidate for cash or receive compensation via Iroquois Valley Farms equity as part of the merger. Over fifty percent of the Two Roads Farm investor base choose to receive equity interests given the local and organic business operation of Iroquois Valley Farms.

For more information see the Iroquois Valley Farms News Release on Two Roads Farm.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference” 

…Robert Frost