Iroquois Valley Farms LLC

Iroquois Valley Farms LLC

Iroquois Valley Farms is a food and farmland company making impact investments in local and organic agriculture following triple bottom line principles. Formed in 2007, Iroquois Valley Farms was the first socially responsible farmland company in the United States focused on supporting sustainable food production and the mid-size family farmer. Iroquois Valley Farms offers a unique investment opportunity to benefit from the growing business of healthy foods on healthy soils.

The corporate business plan and farm management structure were developed by Working Farms Capital, who also advised on the first four farmland acquisitions. Originally 142 acres were purchased in 2007 in Iroquois County, Illinois. The company purchased an additional 162 acre farm in 2008.  In March 2011 a 225 acre farm with renewable wind potential was acquired and another 78 acre farm was added to the portfolio in June of that year. In 2012, Iroquois Valley Farms re-organized as an independent operating company under structural guidance from Working Farms Capital.

Iroquois Valley Farms owns over thirty farms in seven states covering over 4,000 acres and is actively looking for new investors. Visit the Iroquois Valley Farms website to learn more.

Accredited Investors Only — Financial advisors and registered representatives are encouraged to contact the company directly.


“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation”

Great Law of the Iroquois