Iroquois Valley Farms LLC

Iroquois Valley Farms LLC

Iroquois Valley Farms offers a unique opportunity to benefit from the growing business of healthy foods, farms and renewable energy. This is a 1300 plus acre organic farmland company that has a proven business plan and is poised to expand significantly in 2013. The company is currently completing a new equity offering to purchase farmland in neighboring states including Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan.  Members that contributed capital in the initial private offering in 2007 have experienced significant growth. The company’s open ended ownership structure is growing impact for the next generation of sustainable farmers.

The corporate business plan and farm management structure were developed by Working Farms Capital, who also advised on the farmland acquisitions. Originally 142 acres were purchased in 2007 in Iroquois County, Illinois. The company purchased an additional 162 acre farm in 2008.  In March 2011 a 225 acre farm with wind farm potential was acquired and another 78 acre farm was added to the portfolio in June. 2012 has seen a number of purchases supporting young farmers, including the first purchase of farmland for the company in Indiana. In all cases the farmer/tenant that originated or sourced the opportunity was retained under a long term lease.

Transitional/organic crops have included non GMO grains, soybeans, oats, wheat, barley, yellow corn, rye, and leguminous forage mixes. Specialty grains are in development and growing land uses include pasture, dairy,  conservation reserve and wind farms. For more information on the company refer to the most recent fact sheet Iroquois Valley Farms Fact 9-25-13.

Accredited Investors Only — Financial advisors and registered representatives are encouraged to contact us.


“In every deliberation, we must consider the impact on the seventh generation”

Great Law of the Iroquois